Hello from brussels!


I am last year art student in Printmaking based in Brussels. I began making… prints, but the informatics won my heart! Now I make cross-discipline stuff, using WebGL/OpenGL-based code and antique etching techniques. I’m fascinated about relationships between nature, human, language and technique. Recently I made a WebGL program that dithers video in realtime, and I’m trying to adapt it on openFrameworks. During these boring improvements (right now I have no idea how I’ll do such a thing hehe), ideas plopped out… like a social network for parrots, or a metaphysicist text-sending chatbot, and other things.

Is anyone from Brussels here?

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I always knew there were others in BXL, and now there’s proof!
Although I’ve only been on here myself since recently, allow me to welcome you to the forum!

Hello there !
I’m also in Brussels, very much into what openFrameworks can do, but I’m not so skilled when it comes to actual coding :wink:
Are you guys still in Brussels ? Would love to hear from you if you’re fluent with Of on pc and keen to discuss a few projects, come visit our studio in Anderlecht !

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