Hello from Brazil!


I’m a digital artist from Brazil, using different technologies for my performances.
I’m using Processing for over a year, but now I’ve discovered OF and VVVV. You are great! Performance and simplicity of code is what I was just looking for, and found here.

I’m playing around with ofxOpenNI, Video and 3D manipulation and the results so far are just f**king awesome!

Thank you very much OF Team and Forum Members!

I’ll keep you posted about my progress.

welcome to this community.
Is really nice to see some other south americans hanging out here.

Hi! Brasileiro também!
I became interested in how to make computer do awesome stuff and I found out OF. But I still pretty noob in all aspects: programming, graphics, audio, etc.
If you’re interested in share some ideas or just talk about other stuffs, let me know!
See ya!