Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a web & flash developer for over five years, and really want to break away from websites and get more into interactive coding. I see a real future in this field and am very passionate about interactive design and coding so I’m sure I’ll be posting many things here as I continue to learn.

PS, anyone else here from Auckland? Let me know!

Look forward to chatting with you all.


hi mark,

I am in New Zealand until the end of January before heading back to the Netherlands. My plan is to spend the last two weeks in Wellington but if you like we can meet in Auckland the last week of January to do some coding together or organize a OF workshop or so.

please send me a pm with your contact details so we can arrange something.


Hi guys, nice to meet you both. My name is Brad. I’m a designer myself, been working on a freelance basis for the past 5 years now. Looking to get some of my own web properties going strong, so, yeah. That’s where I’m at!