Hello, ciao, salut

Hello there,
I’ve been using OpenFrameworks since some months now, and I am really enjoying it. My background is mostly in audio, music and dsp. I’ve just finished working at the Ircam, Paris as an audio developer, and in these months I am working on some installation projects and some audio effects as a freelancer. I am Italian, so at the moment I am swinging between Italy, Paris and sometimes I go in the Usa, where my girlfriend lives.
My next autonomous work will focus on controlled audio/video feedback as a study on how the physical media can introduce interesting variations and patterns in an otherwise perfect and steryle digital world.
I would like to establish some collaborations with other OF developers, as I have from time to time commissions I cannot take because of my schedule, and would like to share, and as a way to expand our knowledge and creativity. I am using libpd a lot, and I find magic the way I can prototype using OSC and then embed the patches using the library.
Nice to meet you forum!

Alessandro Saccoia