Hello / Bonjour ! From Paris

Hi !

I’m Céline, 24 y/o web dev / designer pivoting into the realm of creative coding. From Paris, Fr.

Love love light installations, beautiful interactive graphics and oF seems like the perfect tool so I’m eager to jump in !

Currently reading the “Programmin Interactivity” book as well as following the video series and learning bits of C++ to get into oF. If any of you have extra resources to share please do !

If you’re in the area don’t hesitate to get in touch,

Cheers ~


My favorite book for creative coding is Design Génératif (Generative Design (lol thanks for the translation)) a couple of years back you could find it at Pompidou or Palais de Tokyo (maybe not anymore, it’s been a while). It teaches processing but the concept are the same and it does an awesome job at laying out increasingly complex notions.

And my 2c advice, just play with oF examples and try to tweak values, add for loops, etc.

Have fun!

Merci @silverbahamut !

I will look into the book :slight_smile: Looks like this is becoming a nice little collection of resources.

Salut !
Bienvenue dans le monde inspirant d’OpenFramewoks :slight_smile:

Have a look on ofBook also http://openframeworks.cc/ofBook/chapters/foreword.html
What video series are you talking about ?

Merci @talaron :slight_smile: The ofBook is added to the list of resources, thanks for pointing it out to me.

The video series I’m talking about is Lewis Lepton’s on youtube :

hi !

Cloudy Paris here too :wink:

Two famous books :

They are not deep knowledge but it lists a lot of basic concepts you may have to know : openGL, FBO, shader, image capture, kinect etc…

I would suggest to have a look at the huge examples base you can find on github. For example here :

Then maybe you can have a look at C++ tutorials to learn basic knowledge like classes, inheritance, pointers, polymorphism etc… There are a lot FOSS lessons in openclassroom and developpez.com


@Gallo hi ! yes, especially cloudy today :slight_smile:

I’ve come across those books many times in my search and only needed you to send them my way to get the green light to order them !

I’m jumping between learning from oF examples and learning dry C++. Getting there one step at a time…

many thanks for the message and best of luck with your projects !

@celinechappert Generative Art (Matt Pearson) and Nature of Code (Daniel Shiffman) are also highly recommended. I think there’s a repository of NoC in OF code somewhere, can’t remember where.

I’ve been learning from ofBook. There are a few bugs in the book here and there though, the ofBook example code helps!

@ayruos Thank you ! Both added to the reading list :slight_smile: Good luck to you in your projects