Hello All! Shout Outs and OF Meetup Group in DC

Anyone living in Wash DC, working with OF? Should set up a meetup group.

DorkbotDC and HackDC are in Washington DC and probably have people working with OF that I haven’t yet met. I’ve been working a bit with OF for a while now without being a member of the forum, so I am now joining.

I have been teaching Processing & Arduino at Gallaudet University and have given workshops in China and Spain. I graduated from Parsons MFADT years ago in 2000.

Hellos to Zach, Arturo, Chris, Jackie, and Dani. Zach, great talk last night at Maker Faire! Chris, sorry I missed you in Spain this summer! Jackie, hope you are enjoying being back in the US! And Dani, hope you are enjoying the new move!

I live near dc would like to learn more about open frameworks.