Hello all! Beginner here. To play visuals according to a music track

Hi I’m a graphic designer, completely new to Openframeworks. Just started off with basics like loading images and playing video and all. I would like to create something which can create visuals according to a given track or sound from a mic. Is it too early to start off something like this? I thought rather than just going through all the tutorials, why not do a project so that it makes the learning more interesting. Please guide me on this. Thanks in advance!

you can follow this book

it delivers the project your trying to do step by step

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If you want to have something running up quickly, i would suggest you to have a look to “onset detection”. There are a couple of addons that are already doing it for you (ofxMaxim, ofxAudioAnalizer https://github.com/leozimmerman/ofxAudioAnalyzer/tree/master/example-rmsInput ). Once you have the onset values, you can map them to your graphic object.

If you want to start to go deep with sound, this is a nice introduction


And also worth mentioning the chapter about sound in the OF book http://openframeworks.cc/ofBook/chapters/sound.html

I ordered the book right now!
Hope I will be able to understand the process as I have very basic knowledge.
Thanks a lot!

Will check these out. Will come again with more doubts :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

nice ,sure it will guide you by example it will help you get hands-on with the code, then u can get more deep into c++ and openframeworks