Heart rate monitor

Has anybody used a heart rate monitor that can be easily integrated with OF?

haven’t used it myself but you could try one of the polar heart rate monitors over USB or attached to an arduino – something like this Polar-Heart-Rate-Monitor-Interface from sparkfun.

I have seen those but I am looking for something where you can use the finger or earlobe

we are testing a couple of circuits we found with not much luck

we have tried this one
and this one
with not much luck
The second one worked but it needs to be calibrated per person
So we are re still looking into a better solution

I will post what we find out if we figure it out

on this project

i used this heartmath device (usb pod and sensor)

however it is now discontinued. it would be worth speaking to heartmath to see what they do now…

(sensor module needed)

i used this in Director with ActiveX, not using OFW, just to be clear.

Thanks Chris
We will look into those
did the HR monitor pick up the HR rate right away and with no calibration?

Looks like it may be available from other suppliers

I guess this doesn’t work with a mac though

From experience I’d say use a clip on meter, as they are more accurate than the ones where you just push down. Actually they have velcro so you tie them on, but we had it in an exhibit where you just push down. its basically based on pulsing light through your finger and reading the light values back. They aren’t the most accurate things in the world

also look at the grip handles style, like you get in gyms, or like lozano hemmer uses here

Hey Alex, I was wondering what the outcome of your research for this was? I’m looking into heart rate monitors too for an upcoming project and wondering what you found out. I prefer a solution which is not fiddly (for the user) and does not require calibration (i.e. turn up, put your hand/finger on it, and we can read the values).

After 3 weeks of trying every single device and idea we found online we got one working pretty well and didn’t need calibration.

I will get Danjel who worked on the hardware to post what we used.

Video here

I ended up building this circuit:


One problem is that the breadboarded version worked fine, but the two circuits I built would randomly trigger whenever no finger was against the sensor.

It has to do with the coupling Cap C2 remaining charged I think (needs to be discharged).

Also it is very important to use the exact OpAmp that he uses. I tried some other simmiar spec opamps and they did not work at all.

good luck!

Thanks Danjel I’ll look into that cheers.

Alex, I’d seen your installation and it looks great. Though I just followed the link in the comments through to Rafael’s installation and am quite bummed! It’s very similar to what I had in mind! I hate it when that happens :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, I hear you.

One more thing.
We got around the random triggers by putting a tiny push button right beside the sensor.
In a way this helped people find the right place for the finger.