Headless video player under linux?


I know it is possible to run an ofApp in headless boot on the Raspberry Pi and thanks to OMXPlayer it is possible to play a video without logging into an X server.

Is it possible to achieve the same goal under an intel linux machine booting in console mode ?

thanks a lot

you can play video in headless mode if you use an ofAppNoWindow and set the player to not use textures

XCode doesn’t recognize ofAppNoWindow class though… should i include some header ?

I imagine ofAppNoWindow disables the use of OpenGL context ? so FBO won’t be possible in this mode ?

yes it might be not included in the xcode project, it’s in the app folder. and yes if you use ofAppNoWindow there’s no opengl context so you can’t use any opengl function

ok. So it won’t be possible for this app…
If there is no other alternative, i will have to look for another solution.