Headless openFrameworks or running without a window

Is it possible to run an openFrameworks without a window?

With so many awesome add ons (such a ofxCV, ofxKinect, et al) there are many times I would like to have these run in the background. At least without hitting the GPU (which often can kicking MacBooks off there integrated graphics card) or requiring a window to be left open / minimised.

As a debug view the window yes, but it would be awesome to know if is a way for OF not to create a window.


I know that in code::blocks it’s pretty easy to set what kind of app it is.

I’ve run into the same problem too: Minimizing an app causes it to stop working in the background. What I’ve done is had an app with a completely empty draw() function and

ofSetWindowPosition( -10 , -10 ) ;   
ofSetWindowShape( 1, 1 ) ;   

To make *sure* it’s off screen. If you every really need to see it you could always have some keyPressed events that bring it back on screen and with a decently sized window. Hope that helps !

There is also a few ofAppNoWindows out there - I think this is the latest I have seen


Perfect. Thanks both.