Header file keeps showing as missing while compiling project

Hello I am a beginner with the Open Frameworks platform. I got the windows msys2 64 bit installed, Open Frameworks built, tested examples and they ran great. I have a project I am interested in running but every time I try to use the make command in my shell I get this error message:

C:/OpenFrameworks/apps/myApps/VIDEO_WAAAVES_1_75/src/GuiApp.h:4:10: fatal error: ofxDatGui.h: No such file or directory
4 | #include “ofxDatGui.h”

The folder structure appears to be correct and I have all 3 of the required addons including datgui in the addons folder. The addon make file in the waaaves project folder has them all listed too. Has anyone else ran into this issue and found a workaround and maybe have a suggestion for a resolution? Thanks in advance for your time!!

If the examples work, duplicate one of them, remove all files from src, plug your project src, bin/data, addons.make. Should work.

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I’ve seen the same problem when the addon path was set to an incorrect value. Maybe that can help.

You can also run with


and see what may be wrong.

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