Head of Technology at Sea Labs - FULL TIME

We have rapidly gained momentum and seek an experienced Head of Technology to join our core team and lead the development of multiple cutting-edge products. Your primary responsibility will be managing a number of research and development, design, and production oriented projects. You will oversee the development software
architecture and ensuring robust engineering processes, design and quality assurance practices are followed. You will build and lead a team of programmers and engineering, and ultimately be responsible for delivering world-class technological solutions to elegant, market-ready, groundbreaking hardware and software products. While software development will be your strong suit, you must have the ability to coordinate software and hardware development.You will work closely with the CEO, ensuring that all operations of the company run smoothly and that the high-level strategies are being executed efficiently on a detailed level.

You will work closely with the design team, ensuring that all technical innovations are part of integrated design vision that is in the service of delivering an unparalleled user experience. You will be responsible for enabling the CEO to focus on fostering major external initiatives and opportunities–whilst you keep multiple technical processes moving forward productively.

As an ideal candidate, you are a self-directed team player with a superior work ethic and a proven ability to manage multiple project, processes and people at the same time. You are detail oriented, flexible, and possess excellent organization and communication skills. You must be highly motivated and want to work in a start up environment, and understand its specific challenges. This means pitching in when you are needed, working long hours, inspiring the team, and generally creating a fast-paced, fun, and stimulating working environment.

You also must have a passion for music, design, and innovation. Sea Labs is heralding a revolution in the digital music business—in order to be at the forefront of this revolution, you must share our drive to bring humancentric,
elegant, and groundbreaking new products to market. While your focus will be technical, you understand the challenges of product design, marketing and sales, and business development, as well as what it takes
to successful coordinate the efforts of a highly creative team. And since we are still a tiny company, you have to be just as comfortable writing code as managing and working with other developers.

If you have the energy, maturity and determination to rapidly advance your career in a start-up environment, this is a unique opportunity.

What you will do:

• Strategize
Work with the executive and design team to define
product direction, roadmap,
specifications, and strategy.

• Design
Design a technoloy development plan,
including systems for versioning control, quality assurance
and testing, and effective prototyping and development.

• Plan
Develop the budgets and allocations, the particular
project structures.

• Build
Recruit an appropriate engineering team and
implement appropriate project management
approaches, scrum, agile, etc, according to project
stage and structure.
• Manage
Inspire, motivate, and push this team to deliver great
results. Manage the software budgets, allocations and
engineering schedules and ensure that deadlines are
met on time and within budgets.

• Deliver
Ensure the production of world-class software products,
ready for market.

• Report
Document your work in detail and create clear,
concise progress and final reports.concise progress
and final reports.

Your specific qualifications:
• Education
You have a good degree in computer science or related
discipline to a Masters or PhD level, although exceptional
cases will be considered

• Skills
A broad base in key contempoary programming
languages such as, Objective C, C++, Java, Processing,
Carbon, Cocoa, OpenFrameworks; Scripting Languages
like Python, OpenGL; ideally knowledge of some or
all of the following platforms: iPhone (Objective C,
C++, X-code), App Store procedures, Android (Android
SDK, Java), Blackberry (Java, Blackberry JDE), Windows
Phone, experience with Arduino and other electronics
prototyping, and familiarity with basic digital electronic
engineering programs like Eagle.
You have experience in many of the following areas:
basic engineering, tracking and analytic algorithms,
user experience and interaction, user interface
development, computer vision and machine learning,
basic electronic engineering, firmware, systems
analysis, music programming, timbre synthesis, design,
and so forth.

• Experience
You have helped to build market ready software and
developed software solutions on your own and in
teams. You have leadership/management experience.
You have planned projects and seen them through to
completion and are able to work and structure projects
in a self directed, disciplined and timely manner.
Fluent written and spoken English, ability to write
clearly and effectively.

Your personal attributes:

• Passionate and reliable
You throw yourself into your projects but you manage
your limits and deliver.

• Ambitious and detail oriented
You want the best in everything you do but care about
finest details.

• Creative and organized
You constantly imagine ways that things could be
better, and then try to find disciplined ways to make

• Iconoclastic and flexible
You have the determination to pursue your vision and
the humility to adapt it and let it go when necessary.

Job details

Payment is £44,000 – £48,000 p/a, negotiable depending
on your level of experience and expertise, with great
opportunities for growth in your role and incentive
package based on performance.
Work will take place in our beautiful Dalston Warehouse.
Working hours are full time, with long hours to be

Application process:
If you think this might be a dream job for you and you
have most of the qualifications and all the
determination to do it, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Please email your CV, and a cover letter explaining why
you are the best candidate to help us build a great
company to:


Please also arrange for two references to be sent directly
to us by the deadline.
Applications are due by May 24th, 2012.
Interviews will take place on May 31st and June 1st .
The job will commence in July.