hdv ?

hi all :wink:

i’ve a doubt … is there any way to capture with a HDV camera at a HD resolution ?

i’m using a camera which works at 1440x1080i and 1920x1080i … i’ve tried to capture at that resolution but it didn’t work . It works nice at DV resolution, but not HDV …

anybody has an idea if that would be possible ?
is VideoInput capable of working with HDV devices ?
is Firewire big and fast enough to transport HDV frames ?

the same question will be in case of using a camera like this :


anybody knows if i could capture with it at 1024x768 via FireWire with OF ??

thanks for any info …


i have this camera, will try tonight and post the results tomorrow.

Hey eloi,

Can you capture at full res with AmCap?
I would be interested to know.