HD quality demo videos

Looking for some advice about how to create HD quality demo videos of the applications that I’ve come up with over the year or so I’ve been working in openFrameworks. I’ve had luck with addons like ofxVideoRecorder and ofxQTVideoSaver, but the results I get hardly seem like the professional quality videos you see on some of the portfolio websites out there. The videos on memo’s site come to mind, as they are always very nicely done.

So I guess my question is how do the pros do it? The goal is buttery smooth, high definition videos that would look great when uploaded to Vimeo. If there is any advice, or any pointers to reference material out there that I may have missed, I’d really appreciate it.


I think on windows you can use Fraps to record your application’s screen. I guess you have equivalent software for Mac OS X.
Another option is a good camera and a close-up, if you have user interaction to show (it’s meaningful to do on touch application).

on mac, I really like screenflow for recording the screen, but some folks have found it’s compression hard for very delicate graphics.

@moontrick on a mac, i’ve had good experiences with iShowU (not free)


If you are trying to capture your own application’s content, I would wonder if you could string together the handy work of @vade and company by drawing into an FBO and using the ofxSyphon addon to publish via Syphon and then capture it in Syphon Recorder which allows you to select the codec and settings. You could pick something that preserves quality and isn’t resource taxing then transcode offline later…

Thank you all for the suggestions thus far. I think since most of my recording will be done on a Mac, I’ll go with something like Screenflow or iShow for now. I do want to come back to finding out how to keep the app recording function within OF, but for now I need a quicker solution and those seem like the best bet.