HBO Interactive snow window

We at Sosolimited (Eric, John, & Justin) created an interactive snow-cube for HBO’s retail location in Times Square. A snow-cube? It’s like a snow-globe, but not spherical…

Anyways, we fabricated a steel platform that hid 6 fans, 6 IR sensors, a Mac Mini, and a relay control board from National Control Devices. On top of the platform is a bunch of custom manufactured featherweight 3D snowflakes that get blown around by the fans. As people walk in front of the HBO window, they set off the IR sensors. The IR sensors are hooked up to the Arduino. The oF app decides where the people on the street are, and toggles the 6 fans accordingly via the relay control board to have fluffy snow track their movements.

The app also controls the graphics running on the LED screen behind the snow. The color and movement of the forest scene are reactive to the presence of people walking by as well.