Having trouble setting up Open Frameworks with Visual Studio 2017

Hello Everyone

I have been trying to get Open Frameworks set up with Visual Studio 2017 and I keep encountering errors every time I try to open a file. I believe the problem may lie where you have to install ‘common tools for c + + 2017’ during the installation process. I followed the instructions exactly but I cant seem to find that part. I have also attempted to open them using x64 but that hasn’t worked either. I get this error message when I attempt to run a file from the projectGenerator:

If anyone has any suggestions it would be very appreciated.



do the examples that ship with OF compile? does the empty example apps / my apps compile?

this project seems a little strange, it’s trying to use an add-on ofxgps and failing to compile – can you try making a project with no add ons?

this is the line that’s causing an error, so it seems like something is strange with the project you’ve made via the project generator.

So when I attempt to open the empty example the code looks like this

When I attempt to run the code this window pops up (Im not sure what to do from here)

please open the sln file not the vcxproj.user file which is just some user settings.

(also please try to make sure your path to openframeworks doesn’t have any spaces in it)