Having trouble running example on CodeBlock 12.11 & OF 8.3

Hello everyone… I just downloaded of_v0.8.3_vs_release. Unzipped it on folder “C:\openFrameworks”. Next I open the pointCloudExample.sln (C:\openFrameworks\examples\3d\pointCloudExample). I managed to build it.

But when I press F5 I get this error…

What do you think I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi…I tried to use codeblocks instead and follow the installation guide…but after compiling the pointCloudExample the error results are the same with vs2012.

I don’t really understand what I’m doing wrong…can anyone help me?, I appreciate it very much.

Please ignore my previous setup. My new setup is of_v0. 8.3_win_cb and codeblocks-12.11mingw
I’m new to OF I seem not able to compile the example program.

I appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance

Did you install the additional dependencies noted in step e)


Thanks for the time. Now it compiles but after that it crashes, gives me this window…
Process returned -1073741819 (0xc00000005)

I’m on widnows 7 64bit operating system.

Hey @tacbanon from the window errors above – I’m wondering if you are having an issue similar to this:

@igiso You’ve done a lot of research around GL compatibility with GLFW – can you make any suggestions?

Also, @tacbanon if it is an openGL issue, you might try to use an older GLUT window. Basically, for the point cloud example, you’d replace the main.cpp file with this:

#include "ofApp.h"
#include "ofAppGlutWindow.h"

int main()
    ofAppGlutWindow window;
    ofSetupOpenGL(&window, 1024,768, OF_WINDOW);
    ofRunApp(new ofApp());

In this case, we are using overriding the default window, which is the ofAppGLFWWindow.

I checked my video card driver and it’s the updated that’s installed I have a SONY laptop i5, ATi radeon & 4Gb memory. Do you have a list of the hardware requirements to be able to setup openFrameworks? I might find another machine to install OF.

Thank you…

To add to what @bakercp was suggesting, it might be helpful if you download OpenGL Extensions Viewer and post a screenshot of the results. That program checks your graphics card for openGL compatibility, among other things. When you run it, you’ll get something like this:

Does your computer have two graphics cards - one integrated and one dedicated?

Also - is it that none of the examples compile? Or are you only trying the pointCloudExample?


Make sure that you are not using better battery settings, this defaults the generic graphic card, though it seems that you have not installed the latest drivers anyway


They all come with GL 1.1…//witch is fine for most things, but is not compatible with GLFW window that openFrameworks uses at the moment so no matter what you are trying to do, even if you are not planning to use advanced shaders, or openGL 4 it will crash anyway.

:: go to Computer settings / hardware and right click on your driver card and hit update. check for updates online.

your update may succeed or fail depending on your vendor. but it is possible even if it fails that it updates openGl anyway.

run the empty example

put in main before setupGl window

cout<<glGetString(GL_VERSION);/// this will tell you what GL version you have

I bet it will tell you 1.1

another option is to modify GLFW to be able to compile under 1.1 but, I wouldn’t recommend this at your case.

I think a better option is to

a) use GLUT & modify openFrameworks a tiny bit to make it compile

To use Glut (another windowing library)

in the main.cpp, //like mentioned above

include “ofAppGlutWindow.h”
create a
ofAppGlutWindow window;

and then pass it in the

ofSetupOpenGL(&window, 500, 250, OF_WINDOW);


go to the ofGLReadyCallback() function inside …/app/


comment out

Hope you figure this out.

Thanks for the link…appreciated it very much.
I followed you suggestion regarding updating the driver…and you were right about the failing part but it got installed anyway.

I was already losing my mind I did lots of installing and uninstall :slight_smile: I dropped the codeblocks for a break and went back to try in vs2012 with OF 8.3 open a example project, build it and got this…

I noticed that when pressing F5 on the keyboard gives a debug error like. Pressing ctrl + F5 runs the example project without no problem.

I’m not really sure if that is how it supposed to be :blush: but right now I’m very happy OF is running on my laptop :smiley: Can you suggest a book or an online tutorial?

Thanks and more power to OF and this forum

Wow! now I got of_8.3_win_cb_release and codeblocks 12.11 working :smiley: