Having trouble getting oF to communicate with my arduino

Hi oF user, I’m having trouble getting oF to comunicate with my arduino using visual studios on windows. I’ve loaded the standard firmata sketch to my uno board and the firmata example inot visual studios but when I run it it says “arduino not ready…” I’ve set ard.connect to the correct COM3 port, I’ll post a screen shot to show that oF finds the devise however still says its not ready. Also the output tells me that there is a whole lot of missing files, has anyone had this problem befor? Also just to check I plugged the same arduino into to mac running xcode and the same firmada example and it worked with no issues so I know that there is no problem uith my arduino. Any help or suggestion will be much appreciated.
Cheers Tom.

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Did you solve this?
I’m experiencing the same issues on ubuntu 16.04