Having trouble getting Kinect example to work


I’m having trouble getting the Kinect libraries to work. I’ve download 2 different ones. Ones named Kinect - master and another one. Specifically the one posted by Theo

I’m very new to OF but I have the gist of the begginers information down such as working with the IDE, classes, compiling, etc. When I downloaded the file off git and ran the example following the directions I would nothing but a gray screen. Here is what I did. The Kinectexample folder from Theo’s file was already empty it had no Xcode file so I wasn’t sure if there was suppose to be one or not. I made one using the project generator and placed it into the kinect example folder and then ran it but I still got nothing.

I’m not sure with what to do with the file I downloaded from Theo’s git. Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks!


The github repo states

Note: As of OpenFrameworks 0.8.0, ofxKinect has been integrated
into the OF core. All future development of this addon will take place
in the main OF Github repo so please log issues there.

Try running the example in examples/addons/kinectExample in the openframeworks folder.