Having projects from earlier versions of oF working in newer ones

I would like to ask if there is a set of good practices or rules to have projects that were made in previous versions of oF working in the newest ones.
I don’t know if there is a general answer to this question, though the changes are varied and sometimes many. But I’m having too frequently hard times of frustration when I try to develop further earlier projects or derive from them in updated versions of oF. So I asked myself if there is a better way to do this instead of wait for the errors and google for solutions, which I may not find or may not exist.

At the moment I’m trying to work on a project made with oF v0.9.3 linux64 with the version 0.9.8 and I just couldn’t. It seems like ofXml and ofOsc are somehow different now and I was not skilled enough to make the changes necessary.

Maybe there is not a general answer to what I’m asking, but a way to narrow the scope of the errors that might be inevitable, and so better understand where they come from.

I understand that the addons may not work in newer versions because their maintainers for one reason or another don’t follow the pace of oF changes. For instance the ofxCv which i like very much and whose maintainer I’m thankful, but unfortunately as far as I can see is not working with 0.9.8. Or it is? Am I missing something I could do have it working?

If there is already a documentation about this, I would be glad to have it pointed out. If not, maybe it would be good for all oF users, specially the newcomers as me to have it written somewhere.

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I use this tiny script to fix some old examples:

mv testApp.cpp ofApp.cpp
mv testApp.h ofApp.h
sed -i 's/test/of/g' *

I cd into the addon example src/ folder, and type openFrameworksFixOldProject.fish to replace “test” with “of”.

Another thing I realized is that in GitHub, you should click Graphs and then Network, and explore all the different versions of an addon available there. Often I have found a working fork of an addon, or at least forks that made me understand how to make it work in 0.9.8. The working fork in one case was not even recent, I had to scroll towards the left quite a while until I found something useful.

I usually use the project generator that comes with OF to update the older project… if there’s a changes to a core OF addon, you might read the changelog to see if there’s info about what changed or ask on the forum. If an addon has issues, you can file and issue on their github.

Thank you hamoid and zach.

The information you gave me are a starting point. I’ll experiment your suggestions. Going from the simpler to the more advanced level.