Having problem setting up qtcreator on windows

Hi, I am new to openframaework and I am having problem setting the thing up on windows environment(win 8.1 x64). I am using Qt Creator 4.1.0 as described in tutorial post.

error: Cannot lock build graph file ‘F:/openFrameWork/apps/myApps/Error in " Util.asciify(“build-iii-Unnamed-Debug”)": TypeError: Property ‘asciify’ of object Core::Internal::UtilsJsExtension(0x3e6bb8) is not a function/qtc_Unnamed_a584db92-debug/qtc_Unnamed_a584db92-debug.bg’: Failed to create directory.

Thanks in advance.

I have solved the problem myself. It was just the issue with QTCreator and MSYS. Everything is working fine.

I’m having the same problem, how did you solved it?