Having problem running ofxFX


I’ve installed ofxFX addon and run example files,

It is complaing about this lib which I don’t see in addon or ofxFX folder…?

#include <tr1/memory>  // CAN NOT BE FOUND?

Did you try changing the base sdk to 10.8

@fkkcloud - Searching the forum for “tr1/memory” comes up with many relevant posts with similar suggestions.

That will do it though more specifically, when targeting OS X 10.9, you should set the C++ library to libstdc++ from Compiler Default – setting the base SDK to 10.8 does this indirectly by changing the Compiler Default value.

This issue should be resolved on the master branch via PR #2764 and PR #2852.


Could you give me a little instruction for changing base sdk in xcode properly?

As pizthewiz said, changing the standard library should fix it. Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. With your project open in Xcode, click on the project itself (at the top of the file list on the left)
  2. In the window that came up, click the Build Settings tab
  3. Click “All” to show all the settings (at the top, beside “Basic”)
  4. Scroll down to the setting called “C++ Standard Library” (or type “standard library” in the search bar)
  5. Set it to “libstdc++”, instead of “Compiler Default”
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That does the trick, thanks