Having multiple ofxiOSEAGLView in a drawing ios application

For a drawing application I need to add layer concept. Each layer should be have some UIKit interactions. How it can possible to have multiple ofxiOSEAGLView in an ios application?. it could be great if someone give me a solution for this. Thanks in advance.

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I am also interested in having one ofxiOSApp draw into two separate ofxiOSEAGLView. It seems to me this case is not handled by ofxiOSExternalDisplay

In my case I want to perform separate rendering on both device screen and external screen. Since I am rendering on separate screens I could maybe create two ofAppiOSWindow and bind them to my ofxiOSApp?

I’d like to understand the best way to do this in OF >= 0.9

For instance, would the context sharing concepts mentioned in this post be aplicable in iOS ?

Thanks for any hints!