Having issues with ofPath on iOS (setStrokeWidth, setFilled)

Nothing too complicated, the ofPath draws fine, but setStrokeWidth and setFilled(false) doesn’t seem to be working. Is this a known issue?

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I was about to post the same issue now in 2022.

I confirmed setFilled(false) is available, but setStrokeWidth still seems not working.
Actually, setStrokeWidth(0) do correctly erase the stroke, but any number greater than that brings the same thin line (I guess it’s 1px).
…Or, is it just that kind of thing?

yeah check arturo’s msg, and perhaps ofxFatLines.

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Ohh thank you so much for informations!

Late to the party but four years ago this is what I’d hacked together, not sure if this is still a valid approach: