Having an issue on raspberry Pi with painting program

so I’ve been trying to get a larger painting program working on the raspberry Pi and I was using a different method in the past (FBO) but at the time that wasn’t working like I wanted it to regarding coloring so I switched to this method using setbackgroundauto

this program works perfectly on my computer (mac 10.14.6)

but seems to not work like I want it to regarding painting onto the screen
so I boiled it down to its simplest form in order to post on here

again when I run this on my computer it works as I would expect a circle gets painted onto the screen when I pressed the mouse left button
and when I press the right button it clears that painting


**void** ofApp::setup(){

ofSetBackgroundAuto( **false** );




void ofApp::draw(){
 if (ofGetMousePressed(OF_MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT))
         ofBackground(25, 100, 0);
     if (ofGetMousePressed(OF_MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT))
             ofDrawCircle (mouseX,

when I run this on my RPI instead of drawing onto the screen when I press the mouse button it shows a black background

any help would be greatly appreciated
while the larger drawing program partially works on the Pi getting the painting aspect working is pretty key

ahh looks like there is a github issue open on this currently

and I would assume my best bet is to just use the FBO as mentioned here

well shoot just as I was getting ready to be able to release this thing it looks like I’m going to have to rework it

so I’ve done some replacing in my original script and just uploaded a version onto a RPI and it works! the alpha blending seems to be nicer using this method to for some reason

https://github.com/wednesdayayay/Scrawl here we go I got everything working there is plenty more to do but at least it is ready to be used now

next up is a shape scanning (slit scanning but more fun) standalone for the raspberry pi