Hatsune Miku 3D Hologram Technology Involved?

Hello, I think most of you have seen the Hatsune Miku 3D Hologram :shock:

video-here (becouse I don’t know how to use the youtube tag :stuck_out_tongue: )

Does anyones knows what technology is involved on the hologram effect? I think is not Musion-Eyeliner becouse you clearly can see the projector. So what kind of foil they’re using?

I think it’s just a pepper’s ghost; there are a few companies that have their own recipe for this kind of stage effect, but basically you need a projector, and some angled transparent film.

I made a couple desktop prototypes some time ago and the effect is really nice.

I wouldn’t say it’s Ghost Pepper because the projection is over the holographic projection screen, maybe it’s just one of those films that are attached to an acrylic in order to get an holographic effect


i’m pretty sure this is a basic 2d projection, all these stage-based ‘holograms’ rely on the fact that the audience is so far away that they can’t really see any depth anyway. it’s impossible to tell the difference between 2d and 3d at a distance unless you’re driving by in a car or something :slight_smile:

it looks like the used some transparent film for projections,
usually it works pretty well if the projections are inclined at a specific angle
otherwise there’s a “lumen waste”, so I think the “trick” is using the couple of big projectors you could see on the stage to obtain a single clear image

I watched some shows and got to this setup

2 arrays
Acrylic layer with Magic Transparent Rear Projection Film

(see image attached)

Do you know any other hologram techniques?

you can achieve an hologram effect using parabolic mirrors, rotating mirrors or, of course, making a real hologram, but both techniques are not so easy to stage with such a setup.

Are you sure the film is perpendicular to the projection? using an angled film is the normal way to go

Do you know any other hologram techniques?

well … there’s the cheap and very old school projection on tulle :slight_smile:
sometimes it’s a smart solution

I will try Tulle to see which results I can get :)[/url]. I don’t see how can I make it work with a projection…

For a rotating mirror I think it would work like this

A real hologram…is? :mrgreen:

Thank you for your answers!

i’d like experiment with a parabolic version of the pepper’s ghost effect; i think it would be doable.

real holograms need lasers and assorted costy stuff; also you can’t really do video-holograms with today’s hardware.

Sega tried an arcade game with parabolic mirrors.


[quote author=“SiW”]Sega tried an arcade game with parabolic mirrors.



looks like there are a few people on the forum interested in this kind of effect :slight_smile:
anybody knows about a cheap source for parabolic/ cylindrical mirrors and glasses?

masato tsutsui as done some cool stuff with an ipad and a prism


cool! I have similar setups at home that use monitors, but tablets are definitely more handy

[quote author=“strimbob”]masato tsutsui as done some cool stuff with an ipad and a prism


strimbob that is some very cool stuff good looking out :slight_smile:

I love how the crowds in Japan get all into it, waving their glow sticks and getting all excited.
Too bad the music is so sterile top 40 cover band sounding. Perfection is sometimes a little empty feeling. The music sounds like the cover bands at Universal Studios or Disneyland.