Hashtable on openFrameworks

I am trying to implement a hashtable on openFrameworks.
I have already found a simple implementation of a hashtable from http://en.literateprograms.org and i made a Xcode project with the code (download the project from here).
How can i use it in a oF project?

I also saw that Poco Libary can make hashing. Does anybody have an example?

Thanks for your reply.


I often use an STL map where I would use a hashtable, associative array, etc.


And all you have to do is #include (it might already be included somewhere, actually)

So then you could declare

map<string,ofPoint> locations;  

or something like that, and then say:

locations["center"] = ofPoint(320,240);  
ofCircle(locations["center"].x, locations["center"].y, 30);  

I haven’t tested this code, but I think it’s right.

Thanks Jeff,
Works perfectly, i will post my results.