Has ofxiOSGetMicAverageLevel() been implemented?

I’ve just tried using ofxiOSGetMicAverageLevel(). I’ve got an undefined symbol error at link stage.
I’ve looked at ofxiOSExtras.mm but could not find ofxiOSGetMicAverageLevel() although it appears in ofxiOSExtras.h.
I wonder if ofxiOSGetMicAverageLevel() has been implemented in 0.8.3.
Thanks for your help.

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Hi @LRMiM did you figure out how to solve this?

It’s on-going and should be done by the end of the week.
The alternative is either to implement ofxiOSGetMicAverageLevel() or to program it in objective-C outside openframeworks.
I found this : http://mobileorchard.com/tutorial-detecting-when-a-user-blows-into-the-mic/
Feel free if you have any idea.