Has anyone had success with person-tracking using multiple cameras?

Hi there,
I’m considering a project that would need to track people in a crowd (for artistic, not surveillance purposes. I think this could probably be done reasonable well with a single ceiling-mounted camera, as long as the crowd wasn’t too dense. It looks to me like this could be done better with a multiple camera setup, as described here:


Does anyone here have experience tracking people using this “POM people detector” code? Did it work out? Anyone else care to comment on how easy it is to create a robust person tracker for a museum type environment?



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I’m interested in this too.

I guess the environment would also be a big factor on the tracking.

  • How big is the area?
  • Will it be dark in the museum?
  • Do you need to track people all the time or just when they are moving?
  • How accurate does the tracking need to be?

Maybe using optical flow would yield better results.

I 've used multiple cameras but not for person, just to track two hands with openCV.
And like az_rr said, the environment is the big factor.