Has anyone had any joy setting up protobuf on Xcode?

Hello, I’m having trouble getting protobuf to work at all, I’m not sure what’s gone wrong with my linker flags and header search paths and the like.

I had it working once on an old machine but this fresh install does not seem to work and I remember having to hack and hack

Is there anybody who has any experience with it.

Protobuf 3 would be ideal but absolutely any pointers would be appreciated.

Or even just Unix domain sockets?

Yes — what a journey!
I put together a tutorial for using google’s protobuf in openFrameworks and Xcode here.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Oh wow! I actually ended up abandoning this approach and ended up using a full http server (ofxaddon) - thank you so much for sharing this - 3 years later! I’ll definitely look at this for future projects though