Hardware setup for big video playback with AMD Eyefinity

I have 4 narrow bezel screens with 1366 x 768 resolution each in 2x2 configuration. They should play huge video 2732 x 1536 px with some interactive infographics. And also i have one small touch screen to control them.

So I am looking for hardware setup that will work well. I suggest:

Core i5 2500 Processor
Radeon HD 6870 915Mhz PCI-E 2.1 1024Mb 4200Mhz 256 bit Eyefinity video card

What do you think guys? Is it enough?

What are the screens? Do they have Daisy chain boards in them?

Im currently running 24 narrow bezel screens. 4 walls in 2x3 configuration. Just using standard outputs on two Mac Pros.

The software is pretty heavy on the cpu and gpu. face tracking, gender and colour recognition but works smoothly and no heat problems at all.

I have Samsung 460UT-B displays. Are you shure that Daisy chain boards allow you to run each panel on maximum resolution?