Hardware motion capture system

Hi everyone! I want to share something I’ve been building in the last years, I think perhaps someone here will find it interesting.
It’s hardware-software motion capture framework: a set of sensors and software that is able to capture and digitalize the human movements and apply them to a digital armature. It was created with modularity and hackarability as main goals and will be available soon under an open license. I’m also triying to make it as inexpensive as possible (for sure it will cost less than the cheapest commercial mocap suits available in the market).

At the moment the system runs nicely, and I’m putting all my efforts on creating a friendlier interface in order to release the first beta arround august.
For this first version the capture client (the one in charge of receive and visualize the poses) will be a blender addon that will also be capable of retransmitting the capture in real time to another software.

This how this video was made: The hardware sending bone data throught OSC to Blender, and Blender sending pose data through OSC to a little program made with openframeworks.
As you can see, the stability and accuracy of the capture is not bad.

If you want more details about how this works you can visit: http://chordata.cc, or just ask here: every doubt or observation is apreciated :slight_smile:


great project, i also use lots of things on OSC so it could really fit one of my project, looking forward for the first release!

thanks, so am I am looking forward to see what people can do with it!
For that reason we are running in a couple of weeks an hackaton-like event where to gather together digital artists and performers to make something creative with the motion capture system.

It will be a great oportuninty to test the system without having to buy the hardware.

If any of you is interested and lives near Rome (Italy) please come and participate! (@npisanti maybe? from your name one can tell that you have italian origins).

For everyone living in other parts of the world, during the event we will be delivering the stream of capture data online in order to allow people to participate from home. You would only have to activate an alpha version of the add-on in Blender and point it to the remote address that we will indicate, and you will be able to see, register and locally re transmit the capture in real time! We can also provide a an ofx sketch with the basic armature retargeting from OSC as a boilerplate.

Of course the participation is free. If you want to join please post it below, or fill the form here. In the link you can find some more information, otherwise feel free to ask!

yes, i’m italian and i currently live in Turin, but sadly i am a bit busy in those days and i cannot be there the 21st.

Maybe next time!

Hi! today we’ve launched a new video explaining all the features of Chordata, where you can quickly get an idea of how the system works, and how you will be able to build your own.

We’ve also launched our new website, which features links to all of our social networks. On those channels we will be publishing more regular updates, so if you are interested on the evolution of the project be sure to follow us.
We hope you enjoy them!

We are also working hard to have a first public release by this summer, so expect news soon!