Hap video codec

Has anybody checked out the hap codec on windows or mac?

I’m a little sceptical that ‘the best’ codec with GPU acceleration is totally open source and has no major patent issues.

But sounds promising (especially demos of high numbers of synchronously playing videos)


Elliot I been playing with it and with ofxHap the las few days, in early test for an event that we are preparing.

In my macbook pro (late 2012) with and SSD performs very well, but compression as usual has issues with planar colors. The performance is quite cool, 30fps flat in a 1080p video, even when switching between 1gb videos, and load time are around 1 frame which is quite cool. HapQ has slightly better quality and good performance either.

In my test you see a constant 10-12% of CPU use for one video, that is around a third of what I usually have with a photoJPG video.

Is not perfect (i saw a few weir compresion artifacts in some videos) but I think is a good option if you need to switch among lot of videos, and works for me better than Resolume DXV.

thanks for the info!