Hand tracking using OpenCv

I’ve been playing with ofxCv which is great, however, I would need to track users right or left hand with a 2D camera. I have seen that some python opencv+neural networks examples (25fps) doing the hand tracking, but, perhaps there is a technique in C++ to work in Openrameworks?

Hi, if you find any example written for openCv in C++ you can add it quite easily into OF. Otherwise, openCv on python looks very similar to C++ so it is also very possible to translate.
There are a lot of methods for tracking hands, the thing is that it depends a lot on lighting conditions, how close the hands are going to be to the camera etc.
I think that there are several exaples in https://github.com/ofzach, https://github.com/kylemcdonald/, https://github.com/golanlevin
Go through those repos. You will most probably find something