Hand-held walk-thru... complete newbie

ZERO experience in C++, or with any programming language. Very little actionscript knowledge. I’m architecturally trained and a form-junkie.

Where I’m at:
Installed Microsoft Visual C++
Downloaded 2010 FAT files and_ learned_ how to OPEN project files…
Have a webcam and projector

Want to work with openTSPS but really lost on how to get something going. I downloaded and fiddled with the app but how do i integrate it with open framework?

Eventually, I would like to play with reactivision programming.

Thoughts? Advice? Pointers?

you can run the examples right? a good point to start would be taking a simple example (like the graphics one), look at the code and try to understand what’s happening. based on what you said, you’ll probably be interested in the OpenCV example too (it tracks stuff).

after looking at some code you’ll probably have figured out a few things and you’ll probably have some doubts; time to go on the OF wiki, where you’ll find a few basic guides and you’ll be linked to handy resources about c++ and programming in general.

after that you’ll probably be able to code some simple animation on your own and your doubts will be more specific; time to come back here and see if we can help with these specific stuff :slight_smile:

video of it here…
_animated rainbow layers, jump to min2:55
I am after this sort of response on a projected wall with a webcam…?

is openFRAMEWORKS the best platform to go about doing this…? openTSPS?

what are your thoughts?

Go through this steps :smiley:

  1. Get openFrameworks and VS working
  2. Open openCVExample
  3. See how is done the background substraction.
  4. Check how blobs are drawn
  5. Check ofScale
  6. Check ofSetColor
  7. Go For it!

Have a nice day!