Hand Gestures

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I’m really curious about detecting hand gestures (middle-finger, peace sign) for multiple users.

I’m envisioning a round coffee table that lets you play rock-paper-scissors, and then riff off that interaction.

I came across this post on triangulation http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/triangle-c+±wrapper–2d-mesh-amp;-delauny/547/0 that seemed to mention hand gestures, although I’m unclear how it relates?

My attack on the problem thus far has been to grab the furthest points on a contour from the center of a blob. Right now I’m working on calculating the normal of each point, and then find the peaks and valleys by the change in normals across the contour.

Is there any existing open source software to take care of some of this heavy lifting? Any recommended reading?

Now that I think of it, its a lot like shadow monsters… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-GxN07uKvQ

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i don’t have lots of experience with hand gestures, but most of what i did was based on the convexity defects in opencv; if you have a copy of the “Learning OpenCV” book you can find an intro @ page-259

also i kind of remember that there was a hand gesture project on the NUI-group-website, but i lost the link

Thanks so much naus!

I’ve ordered the book, and am looking forward to delving into things at the OpenCV level.

I’ll see if I can find the NUI Group post, and will post here if I can dig it up.

Much appreciated! :smiley:


In the same purpose, I just pushed an addon inspired fron ofxCvContourFinder witch compute hull shape, appromated shape and convexity defects.