Made with some Vis and Math tools by OF and Depth camera


Awesome work! Is this the camera you used?


Exactly this one. Very nice camera!!!

Cool - I was checking out your thesis. Was the camera expensive? What libraries did you use to get access to in it OF?

the library to access the 3.0 is within the package with the cam and quite easy to handle…nothing from OF…but the Pmd lib is very easy to understand and has some ready to go demos…absolutly advisable also for OF hackers that are more concentrated on the artistic and design side then hardcore coding…
and yes unfortunatly those cameras are very expensive and bulky right now :frowning:

REally cool!
congrats! I’ll check out your thesis right now.
Do you think that this kind of interaction could be done with the kinect and it’s constraints?

Nice work. One question, Is this model of depth camera works good with daylight? Because I see part of the demo you are outdoors with sunny day. I will really appreciate if you could confirm me this.

@mar.canet I know that the new Panasonic 3106 model works in ambient light of up to 100K lumens if that’s at all helpful to you. The 3104 and 3105 versions work in either up to 20 or 30K lumens, which is higher than most other depth cameras.

Hey guys!!! Thank u cery much for the feedback…its not possible
With the kinect…the 640*480 resolution is algorythmically interpolated…the true reso of
Kinect might be around 100*100- which is not enough…and yes the camera doesnt only work
In daylight…it even works stable if you shoot directly into the sunlight…incredible

Out of curiosity: does anyone know where to get one a PMD CamCube in the US?

I emailed them - the camera is about $7900 USD

This explains it best…comin from comp vision…im in love