hand drawn animation simulation


We have this motion graphics project, and instead of doing traditional frame by frame hand-drawn animation, i thought maybe i can do it with oF or processing.

what i need is to animate this image (1 to 5 lines, has a radial closure at the end, and should look like it’s hand-drawn)

can you give me some pointers, suggestions how i can do it in oF or maybe processing?

best regards,

hmmm that looks like it would quite tricky to do with code…
but if you are planning to go down that path then i would approach it by using bezier curves as the path to draw the lines over.

it looks like there are a few cases in there,

  1. multiple lines bunched into one.
  2. multiple lines with rounded ends.
  3. multiple lines with tapered ends.
  4. single lines.

id break up each line type and work on it seperately.
then when your happy with one, you could move onto the next.
and then combine them all right at the end.


i would actually not render them using beziers. i would rather just use points for each line that get modified by different perlin noise and sin cos functions. That often times is the easier approach.
Especially because in your case I would not just render them as lines but as ribbons made of triangle_strips so you can also vary the thickness of the lines.

Other than that I agree with julapy.

moka: do you have a sample code that i can extend and modify on?