Hailing from Detroit


My name is Micho Detronik representing Detroit, MI. Just wanted to create post since I lost my earlier profile and send my regards. I am a Techno-Surveillance DIY/Hacker Artist that co-owns a studio / exhibition space for new media and experimental arts located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan entitled “District VII”. If you have interest in exhibition for upcoming media shows, please contact me: micho@detronik.com

I primarily utilize VVVV and occasional use OF. I hope to do more as OF features some very nice additions that are appealing to our work now and very much appreciate the efforts and resources of the OF Family. It was inspiring to have met alot of the OF crew in Detroit just recently.

Visual Regards,

welcome (back) micho!
indeed we met already in Detroit during that workshop in that community center basement (you noticed our logo on my laptop).

Hey hey!

Detroit Conference was an excellent experience. The community there it was incredible and the work people are making is really inspiring.

Good moments! Looking forward to cross paths again.

@bilderbuchi: speaking about stikers, I used to have yours on my old laptop. Now I had the OMNIcorp one witch is still a good reminder :wink:

pato, you have to tell me when you get stickers with your logo - I like that pcb-tree so much, I’m jealous. O:-). My laptop would wear it with pride!

Indeed I remember you quite well Christoph! from the old VJ Forum days even… It was really nice to have met you in person after so much time. Also, nice to have met you Pato!

I am beginning the precarious journey of balancing the worlds of VVVV and OF… yet again… This time with the very extensive Version 73 and sticking with it! I may require some guidance connecting the two worlds as you come from similar background. I am really excited to transition back into OF, though it will take some getting used to. Now I just need to get the new Project Generator to work and I will be on target! Great addition!

Visual Regards,