hackintosh based computers... whats a good choice?

greetings all,

this is my first post as my new updated life. i was originally lewis edwards. but due to many things changing in my life and also trying to make EVERYTHING fit to my business style name [smoking bunny], i have started up not just this forum again, but many others. anyhow, enough of the intro pleasantries.
as the title asks, this is what im asking about.
im pretty much on the cusp of being paid for some work, and a new computer is in my eyes. on previous posts this has been towards getting a linux machine - but after some deep thinking, things to consider etc, i have decided against this for the time being. purely as i work with what i have right now, so dont want to start again in the long run.

has anyone had any experience in the hackintosh market? im only going for hackins’ because of the price for apples machines. if my wage or anything were bigger [or had discounts etc], then id probably look into getting one.
but a hack is what im after. but it has to be just like, or better than what apple can offer. obviously it has to be able to run OSX, and if it has anything like flash drives/ssd etc then all the better. but something which is going to be a workhorse.
i just want to get what i want from a computer that will be with me for another 5/6 years, like what my macbook pro has done for me.

but if people have experience, please do let me know as im getting all the info i can to see which path is best for when i do order it.

all the best


hardware choices:

its overwhelming at first. Basically, pick components from the last list (gigabyte motherboard, intel i5/7, geforce video card) that are compatible (you dont wanna go flashing your bios). Then build and follow guides, some are actually pretty simple but lots of trial & error. Have a running osx system ready for some downloads on itunes.

i’ve done it because the lack of syphon support on windows, and I needed to patch visuals trhough resolume for a vj show. A MBP 2012 didn’t have the power unfourtunatly. It works. With lots of patience, and trial & error; but only if you have the right hardware and OS.

Good luck

cool spot.
aye, ive been on those sites, looking, perusing and more looking. i did make a hackin’ from an old old OLD dell dimension [cant remember the number], that was weirdly nice, but just too slow. that was just tests, but linux 12 ran really nice on it.

been doing a little bit more research and seem that macbooks to be the only way to get exactly what you need from a mac, sad yes ;(, but may be able to get a discount from my current work :wink:
but read that if you really want the power of a mac in a hackin’, it has to be a tower. but im not after towers right now, just flaptops because i work around all the time. but as far as flaptops are concerned, they wont be right.
it does make sense though, mac make for mac, pc make for pc. so you get what you pay for etc blah blah blah.

but ill continue my search, though i just have this feeling that itll have to be a macbook pro in the end. my only problem with the latest ones, no cd drive and no 3rd usb port to replace it with. but thats where i will stop on my apple bashing [done so much in the past ;)]

but thanks for the words. ill look further