Hacking the Kinect with Open Frameworks Workshop ( San Francisco, December 4th )

Hello all !

I will be teaching a 4 part workshop in San Francisco starting on December 4th. ( http://www.gaffta.org/2012/07/24/hacking-the-kinect-with-openframeworks/ ) Below is a general overview of what will be covered in class :

This workshop will start with an introduction to Open Frameworks as a whole and will then focus on using the popularly hackable kinect device.

Day 1 : openFrameworks 101
+Lecture: Community Showcase, Out of Box capabilities, Core Examples + Addons
+Lab: Coordinate Spaces, Pixel Manipulation, Implementing community addons, Particles + Forces

Day 2 : Introduction to the Kinect
+Lecture: How a Kinect works
+Workshop and Examples: Libfreenect + OpenCV blob tracking and using kinect data to make art

Day 3 : A deeper dive into oF
+Lecture: Basics of 3D movement, oF Community
+Lab: Cameras + 3D Space, Point Clouds, OpenNI + NITE Skeleton Tracking

Day 4 : Connecting with oF
+Lab: Networking Basics, connecting to an instrument with OSC and Ableton Live, connecting to another app with local sockets, sharing your work with GitHub

This sounds great! Any chance you might do this again in the future?

It was a pretty great workshop! While no substitute for Ben in person, he did post the projects to GitHub and broadcast via Hangouts, see below!

Cant get any of these to open Ben as great as they look. The files on the github won’t run. I tried solving it but it can’t recognize ofxUISlider or something of the sort. Thats when I tried copying and pasting your code into a new project I made to get it to run. When I initially try to run it moving your github file into my OF/addons/example it won’t run due to a scheme/SDK problem. The openNI one won’t run because I think its missing a main.h and ofApp.cpp file.