hacker culture videos??

Hi all,

I teach an intro to programming class to undergrads, and this semester I’ve been getting grumbling about “how annoying all the typing is” and how coding is “so nerdy” etc. Also, when we talked a bit about “hacker culture”, most students still thought “hacking” was the kind of black hat / breaking into mainframes type stuff.

So I’m looking for some videos I could show the class to give some background about hacker culture, how rich and fascinating it is – maybe something with some hardcore hackers talking about an open source project? ie, realistic portrayal, not Swordfish :wink:

The students are mostly aspiring artists and designers, so I’ve already shared some amazing interactive work (including some oF projects) but I want something else – kind of like the Jargon File or the Hacker Manifesto, but in a video form or something that can be digested in a ~20min class discussion. (If its a long video, I’d be happy to edit it down to a short clip.)

any ideas???


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Hey - well there is this awesome film about the beginning of the dutch hacker scene.
( viewable online )

The dutch had quite a big influence on global hacker culture and were ahead of a lot of the other scenes.

Also the lock picking scene has some similar qualities - often presenting at hacker conferences: http://connect.waag.org/toool/ & http://blackbag.nl/

Also Chaos Communication Congress has great ‘hacker’ presentations:

  • I am sure there is a lot more references, but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.


check this, if there is something for you:


i think “hackers are people too” fits quite well to your description! :slight_smile:


coool this is great!

Thanks theo!

I think I’m going to show “Hackers: Wizards of the Electronic Age”. I like that it avoids the whole security issue – whether legal or illegal – and instead just focusses on some hardcore nerds passionate about solving problems and making cool stuff. I also like that it focusses on things like MacPaint which are precursors to tools the students are familiar with.

great. thx!