Hack a Bat

Your name and open frameworks is mentioned in the web page http://www.thesystemis.com/oldIndex.html.

I am a mechanical engineer and would like to participate in further development of the hack a bat project, including 3D STEREO video. I would like further information on the contribution of software by open frameworks. I would like to contact the hardware developer and get more detailed instructions including a wiring diagram.

Any assistance would be appreciated! I can be contacted at stereodatamaker@yahoo.com.

hi – I’ve written back to your emails and will write back here too – I am not a part of the hack a bat project :slight_smile: (although I wish I was)

the creator of the software might be around, and I encourage them to jump in !

take care,

Oh, hadn’t seen this post before. I worked on the project with Joel Murphy and Tracy Gromek. I did the openFrameworks side of things.

You can contact me at marcus@marcuspingel.com

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Take care, Marcus