Guide install Driver OpenGL ES/ES2 for Mali GPU (orangepi/bananapi)

Hi guys,

Here are the steps to compile openFrameworks ARMv7 with armbian H3 / GPU Mali
with driver OpenGL ES / ES2.

tested on:
orangepi one
bananapi BPI M2
(and custom board with H3)

I added a guide on my gist for enable UART3:

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video grabber test with hacked webcame mini usb otg:

screen compile and test 3d:


Hello kashim, thanks a lot for this guide, I have and orange pi one, when I try to run after compile, I get an error related to X11 - GLFW:
[ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: 65542: X11: Failed to open X display
[ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: couldn’t init GLFW
[ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: 65537: The GLFW library is not initialized
Segmentation fault
/root/of_v0.9.8_linuxarmv7l_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/ recipe for target ‘RunRelease’ failed

Could you get me some help?


the first thing to check is whether the OpenGL drivers are running properly.
for this use the test that is found in: sunxi-mali/test/ just do a make and exec ./test

make sure you run the application inside the terminal opened in desktop manager.

(this solution does not provide the output of the context opengl on fb like raspberry)

Thanks kashim, I was running from terminal without window manager (frame buffer).
With your indication it seems that the problem has been solved.

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