GUI stuff

this is asking a lot but had throw it out there? any plans? cause that would be monstrous, fltk? , congrats btw this is an accomplishment


Hmm it got me thinking, fltk looks quite comprehensive but it might be nice to roll our own ofGui stuff as an addon.

We could start out with a simple openGL based gui that could further be extended.

So maybe the ofSimpleGui object could handle sliders, buttons, knobs, messages etc with a very minimal sort of ascetic - it could use ofXML to save and load its state to xml.

Then if someone wants to pimp it they could just override the draw functions.

I would be curious to hear what people think about this.


maybe this would fit openFrameworks better:


they are both interesting suggestions - we have a backlog of things to do now (like fixing things we broke in 0.03), but I’ve added them here in possible plugins and I will be happy to look at it as soon as I can (and others are invited too as well !!)…-le-plugins

we are going to start using the wiki to consolidate suggestions / links / from the forum. please feel free to jump in if you have ideas – both here and there. the wiki is going to become a space for day to day planning (a kind of collective notebook) and the forum is a good place for discussion.

thanks for the suggestions!! keep them coming !

I never liked the look of guis in c++ that i have seen, look too much like windows.

I like controlP5 in Processing (although a few niggles). I might talk to Andreas Schlegel about us porting it (controlOFW)

Here is a screenshot of just sliders and buttons from controlP5, I couldn’t find other screenshots

What do you think?


I am much more in favor or something that looks less GUI like and is maybe a little simpler but visually nicer to look at.

Control P5 looks quite nice - that was more of what I was thinking of - simple slider and button objects etc.

It would be very nice to have a port of it as an addon otherwise when I get some time I would love to give it a crack.

We could even have it be theme based where it could read the colors etc from xml - so people could design different themes - but one step at a time I guess

: )