GTK Widget within main OF window

I know this is a platform specific question but was wondering if it is at all possible to render a GTK widget like a button in the main OF window. The current GTK integration as per ofSystemUtils.cpp is to launch dialogs which is contained in their own separate window. I want to build an app and I guess I’m wondering if OF is suited for this sort of thing. The app in essence is a data entry and visualization app however the requirement is to have the native OS feel, i.e. GTK. Or should I approach this the other way, use GTK and find a way to render the visualizations within the GTK app using OF?

Any suggestions?

you will need to implement an ofAppWindow using gtk which opens the openGL context and creates a widget to render opengl to. the current implementation of OF uses GLUT which won’t allow you to create gtk controls on it

take a look at the ofAppGlutWindow you would need to create a similar class but using gtk instead of GLUT. i did something similar a lot of time ago, i think there even wasn’t an ofAppGlutWindow and probably gtk has changed a lot but the code can serve as a reference:±port/560/0

Thanks that should put me on track.