GStreamer with vs2010

i’m trying to make gstreamer working with vs2010,i’m using ossbuild v0.10.6 which is from here after some tweaking i managed to complied the gstreamer working with current of007&vs2010. i did testing by using default movieplayer example but using gstreamer instead qt

but the problem is that the movie doesn’t play at all,and error message keep saying "of:of_log_warning:gstreamer cannot query time duration
i’ve been searching the fourm already,but all related with linux system. so anyone has a clue what’s going on?
missing codec? btw,GST_PLUGIN_PATH setup correctly. need some help,cheers!

Hi Liquid,

I’m pretty much at the same point on vs2010.
I guess since the time, you found a solution about that (or change your code ;)). Can you tell me what you tried or not ? I don’t really have any idea where to go now…

Thanks !