GStreamer Under Mac (Framework method)

Hi, I’m trying to get GStreamer going on my Mac. I used these instructions: (thanks Geoff!)

They suggest the new binary Frameworks that Gstreamer provides now.

I have the Git tip of oF.
I have the Framework. The GStreamer examples build and run.
I have it included and linked into the VideoPlayerExample project. That compiles and links. I made the few tweaks to oF to make the Mac use Gstreamer over QT. (VideoPlayerExample runs fine with Quicktime)

So - app runs, an ofGST player instance is created. The Fingers movie URI is based to the GST pipeline, then I get to the pipeline starting, and it fails to start the pipeline (move it to a paused state):

[ error ] ofGstUtils: startPipeline(): unable to get pipeline paused state

From there, nothing works, obviously.

So - GST being pretty complex, I’m not sure where to start. Can I turn something on so that GST will report errors as it tries to start the pipeline? Or has someone else dealt with this?



EDIT: Also found and tried this:

No luck so far

i uploaded yesterday this addon:

which has no code but instead it has the necessary rules for the projectGenerator to be able to create a project that can use gstreamer. there’s some instructions in the README on how to install the correct version of the gstreamer sdk. Then just open the PG and create a new project adding the ofxGStreamer addon to it, you’ll need the latest version of the PG from github though:

then in your project just create an ofVideoPlayer and in setup before calling loadMovie or anything else on the player do:

player.setPlayer(ofPtr<ofGstVideoPlayer>(new ofGstVideoPlayer));  

from there just use the video player as usual and it’ll be using gst instead of qtkit

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OK, thanks. I will follow those and get in sync. I basically was at the same point, except for the (critical) part that it wasn’t working.