GStreamer GetCurrentIOBufferFrameSize not implemented warning

Continuing the discussion from Compiling and linking Gstreamer on Mavericks with gcc:


I’m receiving the following warning message and can not locate where the call is originating from, or even where the referenced cpp file is:

WARNING: [0x10a7f8000] AQMEIO_AU.cpp:44: NotImpl: virtual int AQMEIO_AU::GetCurrentIOBufferFrameSize(): called but not implemented

Google has turned up zilch, with the exception of one technical note on saving power during audio I/O.

Using Xcode 5, oF 0.8, and oF 0.8.1… with recently updated GStreamer 1.0 and OSX 10.9. I’ve also tested against a stripped down project built from @arturo’s above ofxGStreamer project generation steps. Which is also receiving the same warning message.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I suppose, given that this is a “warning”, I might be able to simply ignore it all together?/