Gstreamer event eos

Hi guys,

I’m trying to grab gstreamer EOS events, the ofGstUtils seems to do this work with:
ofEvent<ofEventArgs> eosEvent.

in fact, if I do:

void gst_eos_event(ofEventArgs & e)
                cout << "EOS EVENT" << endl;

void setup(string _url, int _width=704, int _height=576)
                gst = shared_ptr<ofGstVideoUtils>(new ofGstVideoUtils);
                gst->setPipeline(_url, OF_PIXELS_RGB, true, _width,_height);
                ofAddListener(gst->eosEvent, this, &Streamer::gst_eos_event);

in case of interruption of the network for streaming rtsp gst_eos_event is performed 4 times,
how do I access “ofEventArgs” to find out what events I receive?

Thanks and good day!

ofEventArgs is nothing, we used that before events had the capabilty to be ofEvent so it doesn’t contain any information… If you need more information you can use gstreamer calls directly to connect to the bus by getting the pipeline from the gstutils using getGstPipeline();

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A bit out of topic.

So then why is it still being used in events like draw and update? I think it would be handy to get rid of these.